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December 27, 2006


Tom Cloyd

Robin, you have two links in this post. Both have problems.

1. "One Health Port" - does not go to anything useful. The correct link appears to be http://www.onehealthport.com/services/administrative_ally.php

2. Your NPI "here" link goes to a company, not to the site where NPI nos. are obtained. Confusing. This appears to be the correct site: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/NationalProvIdentStand/

I appreciate your calling my attention to this information. I hope my correct links are useful to you, and to others who come here!

Robin Shapiro

Thanks, Tom! I put them directly into the text, and checked them out.Your links work.

Cass Nevada

Robin and any others out there: have you had any problems submitting claims thru Office Ally for Medicare patients?

Robin Shapiro

I use office ally, but haven't had to bill any medicare patients. Anybody else?


Just now learning about Office Ally/Practice Mate. Do you still use it? any problems with it?

Robin Shapiro

I just did all my billing for two months(14 insurance clients and a bill to someone's mother) in under two hours, including entering all the dates of service in my files. Office Ally just told me that two were rejected, and why. I'll fix them and send them back today, the day after I entered them incorrectly, instead of weeks after not having received a check.
I love it. Who needs a billing service? And If I use the copy and paste clicks, I can fill in all the years, CPT Codes, and Fees, with many less key strokes.
I think you should try it. The price is right!
Good luck,

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