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March 10, 2007



really fascinating stuff.thku


Huge just huge.Can hear the coin dropping!Click-i make sense! Im a feeling person(i dont like the coaching term-has negative conotations,like im herding myself!)
My whole family are dismissive types(males!)My deceased mother was coach type,but im sure she was converted due to necessity of circumstance and capacity.Basically feelers and thinkers are the 2 groups.b.t.w how do u classify the a.a programme in terms of ?.The abstinence i understand but i find the steps very strange.A very convoluted way to empowerment.Kath

Robin Shapiro

Dear Pickaso,
I don't if you can classify AA in terms of coaching or dismissing. It may depend on the people in any given meeting. I used to go to Al-Anon and Nar-Anon about dealing with my addicted brother, and I saw a lot of feelings being supported, but not "bought into". It felt like a good balance, in the meetings that I attended. I've heard of meetings and sponsors who were dismissing and others who were more coaching, so I don't know.

Cheryl Gowin

It is hard to believe that dismissing couples can have a good marriage, if they don't deal with negative emotions.

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Wow very intersting, I hope this work to make people be together for more time at least and considerer that if they really can handle to be married.

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