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August 08, 2007


Gordon MacDougall

My wife has MCS and left the home 18 months ago. No progress yet and her emotional state continues to deteriorate. She has been adamant that life traumas (son's disability resulting from auto accident, breast cancer and resulting mascectomy, mother's death, father's recent suicide) have had no impact on her sensitivity or on her response to chemical exposure. How do I help get her into this type of treatment?

Robin Shapiro

Dear Gordon,
Don't tell her that she needs to go to deal with psychological issues. Tell her, truthfully, that new research has shown that MCS can be caused by a "kindling" in the brain. It's not psychological. It's more like a reflex or phantom limb pain. EMDR can target the beginning of the kindling response, just as it does with the injury that causes chronic pain. It's worked on more people than my client. I don't know where you live. If you'd like an EMDR referral, you could go to www.emdria.org and then down to the lower left corner, and click on Find A Therapist. Call the person you find, and ask if they know anything about MCS or Phantom Limb Pain. If they don't and don't know anyone in the area who does, I'd be happy to consult to them about your wife.
It's a hellish disorder. Good luck to you and your wife!

Cynthia Caldwell

It was suggested EMDR would help me with MCS however my therapist does not feel safe doing it with me due to lack of experience and her concern that I have DID. I was unable to work for 9 years when first diagnosed with DID however have been back for 12 years and after an exposure to fresh linolium and glue fumes 10 years ago I have had mulitple reactions to man made chemicals affecting my ability to work. What is your suggestion re using EMDR for MCS with a DID that is for the most part integrated? I do not want to have to rehash old wounds can I get help without delving back into the caverns of pain and destruction?

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