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January 28, 2008


Tommy Williams

I'm one of those who "didn't feel much or have the internal voice." But I did get a lot out of the workshop because they showed me a way forward. I wrote about the workshop ( http://xrl.us/bfc53 ) and my experience taking photos around the yard this morning after the snow ( http://xrl.us/bfc5z ) was qualitatively different than before. I still didn't feel anything in my body or have this sense of--pow! there's the right shot--but I deliberately relaxed and focused on all my senses, not just sight, and I let my myself play with the framing rather than thinking about the edges of the frame.

Robin Shapiro

Thanks for your comment, Tommy. I'm so glad that you are getting a difference. The brain geeks explain to us that the more we do something in the new way, the more neural connections grow and the wider and smoother the path to the new way becomes. Keep me posted on your progress!

Brooke Greiner

HI Robin! I loved the class. Thanks so much to you and Doug for hosting it. See you in 6 weeks for the next one. Brooke

Robin Shapiro

It was great to have you there. We'll be posting the next date soon. Probably more than 6 weeks out.

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