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February 14, 2008



Hi Robin.

I agree that its initial promise has spiraled downward into a bad TV portrayal of therapy.

I find myself getting terribly annoyed with the therapist's dissolving boundaries with all of the clients, except for Sophie.

But, as you stated, I'll watch until the end to see if the show changes course.

Robin Shapiro

Hi Swampgirl,
In 28 years of practice, I've never had clients get involved. This show is "jumping the shark" early, and I don't think it's necessary. There are so many things that happen in real therapy that are exciting. I'd like to see one client through PTSD clearing. and does every single client's life have to perfectly mirror the therapist's life? Grrr!
Still watching,


this is old by now, but I just had to clear this up: Tony Soprano did Not kill the patient of Dr. Melfi's that he dated. The patient, "Gloria Trillo" committed suicide after Tony cut off contact with her.

Thanks for a great blog.

Robin Shapiro

You're completely right. Thanks for the correction!


I'm absolutely addicted to this show and hopelessly in love with Paul..I lent my own therapist season one LOL.. i must admit i so terribly miss Sophie..I related to her and her therapy...many a session I cried with her..I look forward to many more sessions with paul...


Is It ME???? or is anyone else concerned that Sophie's Gym teacher was not even confronted, reprimanded or arrested for RAPE??????

Shouldn't the therapist Paul had notified the authorities.....BY LAW?

Is this the message that is being sent to the masses by this show....that it's OK for teachers to rape teen-agers?????

I AM LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Shapiro

I agree completely.

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