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October 17, 2008



Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane - the character who actually is the Stage Hypnotist, turned police consultant. Kang is a CBI character.

Robin Shapiro

You're right. It was a new show when I wrote about it and I was confused. I know now.
Thanks. R

Organized stalking victim

I have an "organized stalking/electronic harassment" problem. When my overt harassment began I realized that I'd had years of harassment and serious social engineering. I'm not conspiracy minded so I didn't think it was orchestrated. As I search back into my childhood, I see that this problem started at a very young age - not in the guise of organized stalking but rather trauma conditioning and social engineering.

I'm a professional adult (not working at the moment since the recent harassment included major trauma - death threats, constant computer intrusion, car vandalism and tampering etc.) I've accomplished quite a bit despite the harassment over the years though.

I think that I might have initially been targeted in something related to MK Ultra subprojects. There were particular things in my childhood (not RSA or Manchurian candidate things though) and I had an EEG done at 15 as part of a "science experiment."

I don't know where to get help. There is a community for OS/EH but I feel that some of my problems are different.

I don't have any psychiatric or psychological diagnosis (e.g., no DID, MPD, etc., I've been evaluated before and don't have any kind of diagnosis.)

Is there any way to get assistance for this? Even self-help would be good.


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Self hypnosis techniques

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