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February 07, 2009


Secret Shadows

"Look into the eyes of that child. Are you (the adult) willing to be the one that takes care of her, holds her, comforts her, and makes sure she's never alone? Are you going to be her grown-up, 24/7? Does she feel your grown-up presence? Take her on a tour of your adult life: your job, car, apartment, good friends, dog. Let her know that you're the one she needs to turn to...... . . Are you ready to hug her into you, where she can feel your adult presence holding her all the time? Great."

I have been married for almost 13 years, so I'm taking this a bit out of context, but being one with DID, I absolutely LOVE what you wrote here. I want you to know that I read that, and it jumped out to us and spoke volumes. I could use to have those conversations with my younger parts so that they know I am always here for them. They may not have had a protective loving parent "then", but they have one now right here with me.

London Escort

Online dating is now very popular. Yes I know there are millions of dating sites and that poses a problem. Type in ‘dating site reviews’ in Google. There are (thankfully) pretty nifty review site.that make that task pretty easy now as some of you already know. When you sign up to a few (yes a few) make sure you give an honest profile.

Jamie London

Robin, you give excellent advice for anyone who is considering using the Internet to find their one true love. I totally agree -- people should be very aware of their criteria, should present themselves in their best form, but stay true to themselves, and realize that the other person is doing the same! I too found my husband through an online dating site, quite a number of years ago. I've never been happier!

I have seen many friends and clients go through their ups and downs in their relationships. Self-esteem and awareness are key. Thanks for a great blog post!


What great advice you have given in this post. I think that online dating is a great way to meet someone nowadays. A lot of people can eliminate the disasterous bar scene and really be honest about themselves and what they want in a partner.
Sometimes, though, the hardest thing to do is to look at one's self with real honesty and discover why we do the things we do. Even being aware, people can make bad decisions, and they just make better excuses. LOL Thanks for the good advice.

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