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April 28, 2009


Attachment Girl

Hi Robin,
Thanks so much for link to the article by van der Kolk. I have been really wrestling with some relational issues and reading that article actually acted as a catalyst that led to break through in my understanding of my behavior. I really appreciate all the great information you provide.


secret agent girl

Really appreciate the introduction to the van der Kolk article; unfortunately, for me, Schore's writing style made that piece completely inaccessible.

Robin Shapiro

Schore's writing style is often completely inaccessible. Some of his presentations, too.


Have you had any experience with clients with an off-label use of naltrexone, to stop endogenous opioid manufacture in the brain (with exactly the idea that the brain is "addicted" to numbing via dissociaton)?


i have did. there is a corroborated reason for it.
the thing is that i am certain that when i eat dairy and wheat products i get very very dissociative and almost non-functional. i also have what might be called an addiction to those foods. when not on them i can live more clearly. i read somewhere that autistic kids are helped by reducing gliadin and casein because those become opiates which cloud their minds. i am certain that wheat and dairy worsen my dissociation. have you seen this before. also i have long histories of bulimia and anorexia - i dissociate less when anorexic and this is partly why i do it - the anorexia - to maintain some sanity.

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