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April 15, 2009


Gina Tadmor

Hi, I used this technique (which I thought that I had invented) to treat my own addiction to sweets. Whenever I wanted a sweet, I worked with the feeling of wanting a sweet, having it in my mouth, how good it would taste and so on. I kept experiencing the feeling of wanting until it passed. Today, I have many days where I don't eat any sweets and if I do take a cookie, I can stop after one instead of eating a whole bunch. I've never been able to describe this to other people. I think though that this is a great direction to take with addictions.

secret agent girl

Gina, search "urge surfing" for more about that kind of technique. Some very cool info out there.

Robin, I think I must be misunderstanding "Can you show her how you have learned to soothe yourself with that drug/behavior?" Is this supposed to be a good experience for the client, or instill distaste at the idea of teaching a child to shoot up or whatever?

Robin Shapiro

Gina, it's a typo. It should be "without" instead of with. Thanks for catching it. I'll fix it now.

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