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December 09, 2009



Great article! Thanks!

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Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

I'm a therapist just learning the neuroscience of attachment and relationships - and so excited about being able to use current research and tools as an added facet to my practice. Glad I found your blog! You can see me at http://LisaKiftTherapy.com. Thanks!

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San Diego Anxiety Specialist

Great article...I actually learned more about GAD.

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Understanding the relationship between the brain and the mind is a challenging problem both philosophically and scientifically. The most straightforward scientific evidence that there is a strong relationship between the physical brain matter and the mind is the impact physical alterations to the brain have on the mind, such as with traumatic brain injury and psychoactive drug use.

anxiety therapy

I've been experiencing anxiety and I am looking for a solution.

I have heard that it affects our whole. I drop by your blog and found it to be true.

Now I am even more eager to discover the solution. I hope I'll be fine.

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I really love this site, thanks for providing us such place..

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