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January 20, 2010


Online Doctor Consultation

Thanks for sharing this article. This will be in my bookmarks for future reference.


Alternative therapists presently use magnets of standardized size and strength. One of the most commonly used magnetic therapy products is the magnetic mattress pad, which is generally used to treat ailments like insomnia, joint pain, muscle spasm, etc.

Aiping  Wang

Trauma therapy does not only consist of telling your story or focusing on traumatic memories, though of course that is a crucial part of the work. Bringing trauma memories to mind, talking about them in a trusting relationship, and developing the capacities for managing them while staying present in the moment are all crucial parts of the healing process. A premature emphasis on traumatic material can in fact do more harm than good.

Aiping  Wang

I was always the person in the family who would fix other people's issues, and make sure everyone was happy. Now the tables had turned, and I was so ashamed that I was causing so much pain.

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