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March 01, 2010



The concept of magnetic therapy dates back to several centuries earlier. It is believed that Cleopatra wore magnetic jewelry because of its healing energies. This type of therapy has rapidly gained popularity in the last decade or so, and now it has become a thriving 100-dollar industry.

Aiping  Wang

Working through trauma can be scary, painful, and potentially re-traumatizing. Very often people who have experienced trauma have coped at least in part through some degree of dissociation. While this was necessary for your survival then, continued dissociation (especially forms that are not within your control) is not adaptive once the abuse has stopped. Now the task of therapy is to help you stay present long enough to learn other means of establishing safety in the present. How does someone with automatic survival skills of dissociation learn to do this? Grounding is one skill that can help.

Aiping  Wang

Knowing all of the above does break my heart.

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