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October 20, 2010


Robin Shapiro

I got it wrong. Since I last took the course, six years ago, it's changed. There are no more scripted protocols, because April now teaches how to connect with every younger age of the client. (This is more the way I work with most clients.)

April Steele

Yes, Developing a Secure Self is really an attachment-based ego state approach that helps the client develop a new relationship with self by facilitating positive experiences of connectedness in the present. The therapeutic relationship is recognized as being one of attachment.

This gentle approach complements trauma work beautifully and can be valuable in stabilizing clients who are not ready for working with memories. In the program we cover how to work with clients who reject the younger parts of self. My motto for therapists is "talk to the child!" because s/he is usually right there wanting acknowledgement. Thanks, Robin!

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