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December 22, 2010


Nathaniel Udy

I am going to take the time to comment because I have personally witnessed the effects on veterans while spending nights on the street with the homeless in order to understand the social problem of mentally disturbed individuals that are left to sleep in 19 degree weather (A couple days ago) I am also a mental health patient with DID, and therapy has made it possible for me to remain an outpatient. Eventually ignoring the problems that can only be helped with therapy will cost the government more because these veterans will become inpatients, so denying such coverage is a blatantly ignorant (In the face of many, many scientific studies showing the effectiveness of therapy to help these people cope), and economically foolish decision that was either made by complete idiots, or people that are not even worthy to express their opinions concerning the issue. A bid thumbs down to the policy makers on this one. Shame on you all for denying these people that have risked their lives for you the care that they need. (And it doesn't take a scientist to see that they need help)

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