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July 31, 2011


Sandy Mitchell

Robin, I really appreciate your sharing the significant 'takeaways' from the recent Gottman/Navarra workshop. I wish I could afford to attend a lot more workshops!

I especially like the statement: "Bonding created by turning toward any negative affect and fully processing conflict and failures to connect . . .has the power to create trust."

It reminds me of another quote I discovered a few years ago: "At every moment the bond between people is being built, maintained, damaged or repaired. If a relationship is not being built, maintained, or repaired, it is being damaged by default. . . the state of the bond is difficult to detect directly, but manner and emotions continuously reveal it."
- pg. 37, "Violent Emotions: Shame and Rage in Marital Quarrels," 1991, by Suzanne M. Retzinger

Sandy Mitchell
Mt. Shasta, CA

Robin Shapiro

Thanks, Sandy. Great quote.

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