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October 12, 2011


Robin Shapiro

People are having trouble posting and I'm looking into it.



This is a fantastic, comprehensive article. I love all the examples and suggestions for therapists.

Here's to the freedom for all of us to be our "weirdly idiosyncratic" selves!

Kathe Young

Jamie Marich

Bravo, Robin...good for you for putting all of these fastly important issues out there!!!

Sandy Mitchell

Robin, I really appreciate the thoroughness with which you've addressed these issues. I'm dumbfounded that someone could think he could 'cure' homosexual people through the use of EMDR...sounds like he needs to work on his own delusional thinking!
I look forward to getting your emails - but I notice that they don't have any reference to you in the text, and a couple of times I didn't realize it was from you (the source is always listed as 'Feedblitz'). It's probably a picayune point but I would like to see your name in the subject line so that I'd immediately know it's from you...
I just counted how many emails I got this morning, from midnight to 8:30 a.m. I got 47...once in a while I overlook something good 'cuz it gets lost in the mix...
Anyway - keep 'em coming! Thanks for all your great work.

Robin Shapiro

Thanks, Sandy,
I don't know how to change the way the email is labeled. When you do notice you received one, you can always go to the "home" part of the blog and see if you missed anything.
I'm glad you like the material.

Marielouise Dodson

I love your passionate post!


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