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November 16, 2011


Sandy Mitchell

Robin, thanks for alerting us to these writings. I've been listening to different radio hosts grapple with these issues on my local NPR affiliate this last week. Today there was an interview with a former pro hockey player who described the long-term damage done to him when a coach molested him repeatedly; he tells in painful detail his long road back to regaining a sense of personal power. You can hear it at: http://thestory.org/ - "WHY I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING" (he's also written a book with that title)

Deborah Woolley

Yes and yes. This week I sat with a male client who was sexually abused as an infant by his father and later on by a "handyman" who worked for his family for years. As we chatted at the beginning of the session, The Penn State story came up, and together we observed that all the media attention has been on the athletic program, the administration's response, alumni reactions . . . "What about the victims?" he said. "Yes," I said. "We're not hearing from them, nothing's being said about their experience." Outrage was in the room -- not just about the abuse, but about the collective silence.
Maybe I've missed something, because I don't follow online publications nor do I watch TV. But he, a victim, felt once again that the experience of the victims is being ignored.

Robin Shapiro

Thanks for the comments. Sandy, I'll check out your link.

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